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News / June 30, 2011


by Guy Hiscott

The General Dental Council (GDC) has carried out an inspection of Queen’s University Belfast dental school following concerns about the level of resources being dedicated to teaching dentistry.

This followed chief executive and registrar of the GDC, Evlynne Gilvarry, writing to Queen’s vice chancellor about the issue.

When asked about the inspection, a university spokesperson said: ‘We can confirm that the General Dental Council undertook an inspection as is normal every four or five years. We are awaiting the report.’

The inspection was carried out in May and a report from the inspectors will be available on the GDC website at in August 2011.

From time to time, the GDC is contacted by dental professionals who are concerned patient safety may be at risk. It is usual for the GDC to write to the university or education provider in question for further information and a response.

The GDC has a statutory duty to quality assure all courses and awards that lead to registration as a dentist or dental care professional in the UK. This quality assurance is in place to protect patients by making sure that these courses and awards are robust enough that only those who are fit to practise pass.