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News / June 28, 2011

Eradicate airborne viruses, bacteria and odour

by Guy Hiscott

Healthcare and dental practices can strengthen their fight against cross-infection by installing Hitachi’s S-Series room air-conditioning range – the RAS SX8.

The S-Series destroys 99.9% of airborne viruses and bacteria, while delivering the most comfortable level of heating and cooling. The sleek, wall-mounted S-Series is also highly energy efficient and cost effective, costing approximately £18 a year* to run.

The S-Series is able to eradicate airborne viruses, bacteria and odour thanks to its ability to generate ionised mist from the air in the room. Each unit also automatically removes dust from the filter and collects it in a dust box, and its internal cleaning operation controls mould growth.

The technology is user-friendly and includes a hard-wired remote controller with built in seven-day timer.

*Based upon 500 hours of 100% run time with a cost of 8 pence per kW/hr on 2.5kW unit.

Tel: 01 216 4406