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News / February 9, 2011

European quality and reliability

by Guy Hiscott

Negative perceptions among dentists about implantology are about to change thanks to d2d Implants.

The company is the exclusive Ireland and UK distributor for Euroteknika implants. Made in France since 1992, Euroteknika implants are based upon the pioneering work behind Branemark, Straumann and Astra implants. They combine European quality and reliability with great value for money.

Each implant comes with a cover screw or healing cap and a triple function mount (which is the driver), the impression coping and a temporary abutment – all for only 165 + VAT. Abutments cost from 58 + VAT. All Euroteknika implants have an etched and blasted surface (with 18 years of data), coronal micro-threads and an easy-start apical profile. One surgical kit is enough to place tissue-level Aesthetica+ (Straumann compatible), bone-level Natea (Astra compatible) and Uneva external hex (Branemark compatible).

Dr Willie Jack has placed and restored over 3,000 implants during a 20-year period. He has placed solely Euroteknika implants since 2008 with a 97.3% success rate.