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News / February 8, 2011

New single-level polishing system

by Guy Hiscott

Dimanto is the new single-level polishing system for pre-polishing and high-gloss polishing of composites, including those of the latest generation with a particularly hard surface.

Dimanto is used without polishing paste. As Dimanto is a single-level system, there is no need to change polishers when proceeding from the pre-polishing to the high-gloss polishing stage, as would be the case when using multi-level polishing systems.

The diamond-interspersed silicone polishers are manufactured to very high quality standards and are autoclavable. This makes them durable and suitable for repeated use. Dimanto polishers are available in five different shapes: lens, small and large tips, and small and large cups. A precisely manufactured metal shaft allows for easy insertion into the contra-angle handpiece and permits the polisher to run smoothly and without vibration.

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