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News / December 2, 2010

Star temporary material

by Guy Hiscott

Luxatemp, DMG’s bisacryl composite for temporary crowns and bridges, has received many international awards, including Top Provisional Material 2010 from the American Dental Advisor (Vol. 27, No.1).

The new Luxatemp Star offers improved initial hardness and outstandingly high values in flexural strength and fracture toughness.

In addition, the long-term colour stability has been further optimised.

Luxatemp Star achieves its final hardness even faster than its predecessor – in about five minutes.

Established, valued Luxatemp characteristics such as ease of handling, colour stability and natural fluorescence remain as important as before.

Luxatemp Star is supplied in a choice of delivery systems including Smartmix, which means it can be mixed and directly applied without the use of a mixing gun. It is also available in automix cartridges for those who prefer conventional gun delivery systems.

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