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News / August 12, 2010

Dentists lose High Court case against the HSE

by Guy Hiscott

The 25 dentists who went to the High Court last week to obtain injunctions restraining the HSE from unilaterally varying its contract with them under the medical card dental scheme have lost their case.

The dentists had hoped to obtain temporary injunctions until the dispute can be fully addressed by the courts in December.

During her judgment, Ms Justice Mary Irvine criticised some of the evidence submitted on behalf of the dentists, stating that it was speculative in parts and a ‘bold assertion’ that all of the practices were in danger of going out of business.

In a statement following the ruling, the Irish Dental Association (IDA), which is fully supportive of the case, said it regretted the decision of the High Court to refuse the application.

A spokesman for the IDA said the Association would sit down with its legal advisers and study the implications of the High Court’s ruling.

In June the High Court awarded an injunction to two dentists – Dr James Turner of Co Wicklow and Dr Martin Reid of Co Donegal – whose contracts were similarly varied.