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News / April 29, 2010

Campaign on cue to save Alex

by Guy Hiscott

A national campaign has been launched to save the life of former snooker World Champion, Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins.

Alex, who won the snooker world title in 1972 and 1982, has been living on a diet of baby food for the last decade after losing all his teeth in the aftermath of his fight against cancer.

Organised by Alex’s former personal assistant, Will Robinson, a website has been set up where the public can go to make a donation to help this ailing sporting legend get back on his feet – visit

Will said: ‘We are desperately trying to raise £20,000 for his teeth implants, which his dentist insists will help him eat properly again.

‘Alex is living in a tiny flat in Belfast, and has been living off baby food for years after his teeth fell out following radiotherapy.

‘It is so sad. Unless we do something to give him the ability to eat properly again he could well be facing death.

Alex has been forced to undergo two throat operations and now he can’t talk except in the faintest of whispers. But he’s still known and loved by many in the snooker world and we are just hoping, as this is the week of the world snooker championships, people will remember just what he brought to the sport and help him out.’

Alex has lost so much weight that he now looks skeletal and is so fragile he even has problems lifting a snooker cue.

Will worked for Alex between 1989 and 1992 as his personal assistant, driving Alex to tournaments and personal appearances but now heads his own talent agency, WR Talent.

As well as setting up the website to raise finds, Will is offering a sponsorship opportunity for any companies that may be able to help meet the costs of the implant treatment Alex needs. To discuss the possibilities, please contact Will at

In addition, Will is holding a dinner for Alex on 18 May, which will be attended by many of the greats from the world of sport and music. Tickets are £45 and are available from