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News / March 12, 2010

Company launches dental plans with no waiting periods

by Guy Hiscott

A national, representative survey of almost 1,000 people conducted on behalf of Vhi DeCare Dental has found that 55% of people are unaware of changes to the PRSI Dental Treatment Benefits Scheme.

The changes introduced in last December’s budget sees the cost of dental cover increase significantly for PAYE earners, but the new Vhi DeCare Dental Product will provide consumers with better cover than they were previously used to, from as little as € 10 a month for an adult and less for children. 

The research also found that of those who ever used their dental entitlements, seven out of 10 did so within the past two years. In 2008 alone, 400,000 people visited the dentist for an annual exam and 1.5 million treatment items were availed of.

Vhi DeCare Dental Starter has no waiting period for the first six months, thus anyone can avail of the benefits of the product immediately, effectively keeping their dental cover in place.  Benefits include up to 70% cover for investigative and preventive treatment, up to 50% cover for basic treatment such as fillings, tooth extractions and emergency treatment, and up to 40% cover for major treatment such as root canal treatment. Plans include a range of benefits for children, including examinations and sealants.

According to Declan Moran, director of marketing and business development atVhi Healthcare: ‘Vhi DeCare Dental is committed to providing affordable solutions that protect and enhance the oral health of all Irish persons. We consulted with our members following the withdrawal of the PSRI scheme, and created this product in response to their needs.’

Dr Ger Gavin, chief dental officer, Vhi Decare Dental, said: ‘I believe that the oral health of the Irish population is better because of the PRSI scheme and we would like to encourage people to keep it up. As such this new plan will enable people to continue looking after their oral health from as little as €10 a month. This new product will reduce the costs associated with examinations and treatments and will ensure that people will be less inclined to avoid the dentist due to concerns about costs. The product also has the benefit of no waiting period for the first six months, so this is a great time to join and ensure that there is no break in their dental cover.’

Vhi Decare Dental Starter will be available to purchase from today at