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News / January 4, 2010

Clock stops on dental benefits

by Guy Hiscott

Time has run out for patients who failed to ensure their eligibility under the PRSI scheme in 2009.

Those patients who managed to make an appointment by 31 December 2009 can still take advantage of PRSI dental benefits, even if they take place early this year.

Meanwhile, Minister Hanafin expressed concerns about the way in which some dentists had tried to establish their patients’ eligibility under the scheme.

Commenting on this issue, Fintan Hourihan, Chief Executive of the Irish Dental Association, said that if any mistakes had been made with any claims submitted on behalf of patients by dentists, the Minister needs to understand that dentists were merely seeking to assist patients in establishing their entitlement to dental benefits.

In the run up to the 31 December 2009 deadline, the Department of Social and Family Affairs struggled to cope as a direct consequence of the withdrawal of these dental benefits from over two million people at extraordinary short notice.
Eligible patients are now only entitled to a free check-up.

The IDA will be campaigning for the immediate restoration of the PRSI scheme during 2010.