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News / December 10, 2009


by Guy Hiscott

The Budget for 2010 will see the HSE putting measures in place to contain DTSS expenditure at 2008 levels.

Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan stated that the Budget would allow for €400 million of savings in the health area, part of which will be made up of €283 million in cost reductions for drugs and dental treatment.

In 2010, the entitlements under the Treatment Benefit Scheme will be limited to the free examination elements of the dental benefit scheme.

In addition, the Minister announced cuts of more than €1 billion in public service pay, which means salaries for public dental surgeons and other state-employed dentists will be reduced. The reductions range from 5% to 8% in the case of salaries of public servants of up to €125,000.

Education funding has been cut by more than 5% in the Budget, including the allocation to Dublin Dental Hospital being reduced by €0.410m.