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News / November 4, 2009

Education bonds with adhesive dentistry

by Guy Hiscott

From this year, it will be official policy in the Cork Dental School that the material of choice for small and moderate sized caries cavities will be adhesive composites.

Professor Robbie McConnell of Cork Dental School explained: ‘The introduction of adhesive bonding to teeth using resin composites as the technique of choice is an important change in the restorative curriculum. It is not just a change in materials and techniques but also a change in treatment philosophy’. 

Professor McConnell went on to state that the changes in the curriculum will result in UCC graduates being at the forefront of modern dental techniques.

New filling materials and techniques will be introduced into the third-year pre-clinical programme, while the fourth-year crown and bridge programme will focus on the use of adhesives and ceramics as the materials of choice.

‘The reduced need for large preparations and the strengthening effect on the remaining tooth to give a stronger, healthier result are the principal reasons for the shift from dental metals to adhesive dentistry at Cork Dental School,’ added Professor McConnell.