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News / June 24, 2009

Safeguard the nation

by Guy Hiscott

Tooth enamel won’t repair itself, so any damage caused is irreversible. Biorepair offers an effective solution against acid attacks and erosion, as it can actually repair enamel due to its patented scientific formula developed by leading Italian chemist Prof. Roveri.

Biorepair incorporates a component historically used in bone surgery and contains Microrepair microparticles, which are made up of a substance called carbonate-hydroxyapatite – the same chemical substance that makes up tooth enamel and dentine. These microparticles effectively fill in any microscopic cracks or holes, thereby repairing the damaged enamel surface.

David A Houston BDS, principal dental surgeon at DA & C Houston & Associates, Weston-Super-Mare, comments: ‘Biorepair is a new, easy to use product with a pleasant tasting formulation that provides the clinician with a useful tool of benefit to suitable patients.’

The Biorepair range is suitable for the whole family to use, as it helps to prevent tooth decay and does not contain any added fluoride.

Biorepair strengthens and protects the health of your teeth by repairing the damaged surface of the enamel. It also protects the gums, freshens breath and effectively combats the build up of plaque and tartar by reaching those difficult areas, allowing the antiseptic action to get to work on the whole mouth.